Our estate has 4 ha of vineyard and is located in the heart of the Montagne de Reims in Mailly-Champagne. This village is one the 17 locations classified as Grand Cru, the whole area of Champagne appelation consist of 323 villages.

Our vineyard extends on 3 Grand Cru villages : Mailly-Champagne, Verzenay, Verzy and one 1er Cru : Villers Marmery.


We are cultivating and harvesting grapes from our 56 plots, with an area of 4 Ha. For our champagne we only use the grapes that are coming from Grand Cru locations. We are following the sustainable agriculture principles and HVE rules (Haute Valeur Environnementale).

All our wines are made from the 2 main varietals in the Champagne region namely the Pinot noir and the Chardonnay .The varietals planted are 73% de Pinot Noir and 27% de Chardonnay.

In all of our vineyard you will see grass and flowers, they are protecting the land from erosion, trap the nitrates keep a living soil that benefits to the grape. Regular soil analysis helps us managing this diversity and the amount of fertilizer we are using.

All of the products that are used are organic and recommandeed for biodynamic agriculture.
The way we are working the soil limits the necessity for herbicide, on the long term we will abandon their use.

We are not using insecticides, 5 years ago we started using with success pheromones trap as insect repellants.