Both the Braconnier and the Baudot families have been living in the village of Mailly Champagne for several generations. It all started on both sides with the grandfathers started producing champagne.

Stépahnie Braconnier et David Baudot

This is how Gaston Baudot and Roger Braconnier created their brands. Later on their sons Jacquy Baudot and Jean Braconnier kept on the tradition for 50 years and developed the estate.

Jean Braconnier was always very respectfull of the land and the environment that allowed him to make such fine champagne.

We stick with his vision and keep on working following the rules of sustainable agriculture.

Jean is retiring after a long life dedicated to the making of fine champagne, but still keeps an eye on the estate.

This is how the brand Braconnier-Baudot suceed to Braconnier-Denaux.